How to choose contact lenses that suits your features

How to choose contact lenses that suits your features

Contact lenses have evolved beyond their functional purpose of vision correction, it now enhances your natural features and help you leave a lasting impression. Our collection of contact lenses goes beyond just correcting your vision; they are designed to enhance your natural features and leave a lasting impression. Choose from a range of captivating eye colors or add a subtle sparkle to your gaze. Consider your prescription and daily activity when selecting contact lenses. But don't forget to also think about your skin undertones, face shape, and eye sizes for the best fit and look.

Understanding Your Undertones

(Including our recommendations)
Your skin undertones serve as a foundation for choosing the right lens color.

  Warm Undertones (Yellow or Olive): Go for brownshazels, and greens.



 Cool Undertones (Pink or Blue): Bluesgreys, and violets can be complementary. If you have brown eyes and want to go for a natural look, you can go for browns with ashy or pink undertones.



Note: It is important to note that, selecting lens colors with undertones that don't align with your skin tone can disrupt the overall balance of your features.



Considering Face Shape

   Different face shapes benefit from specific lens sizes and styles.

Round Faces: Bigger lenses can add definition and elongate the appearance.

Square Faces: Bigger lenses soften angular features, creating a more rounded look.

Oval Faces: Versatile and can accommodate both bigger and natural-sized lenses.

Heart-Shaped Faces: Natural-sized lenses complement the narrower jawline.

Diamond Faces: Natural-sized lenses highlight cheekbones, while bigger lenses add softness.

Rectangle/Long Faces: Bigger lenses create balance, offering a more harmonious look.


Note: Extremely large lenses on a small face can overwhelm your features.

Tips: Go for natural-sized lenses to maintain proportionality and prevent a disproportionate look.


Outer Ring Effect

Consider whether you prefer lenses with or without a darker outer ring.

Darker Outer Ring:

 Pros: Adds definition, enhances eye color, and can create an illusion of larger eyes.

Tips: Contact lenses with outer ring normally looks great for darker colored contacts.

Without Darker Outer Rings:

  Pros: Provides a more natural and softer transition from your natural eye color to the lens color.

Dr Specs offers a wide range of contact lens options to enhance your natural features and leave a lasting impression. With our high-quality lenses, you can confidently showcase your unique style and make a statement wherever you go.


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