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Blincon Blossom ( 3 Months / 2 Lenses )

Blincon Blossom ( 3 Months / 2 Lenses )

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Lens Material          Hema
Water Content        40%
Base Curve              8.6mm
Diameter                 14.5mm
Centre Thickness    0.06mm
Power Range  -0.00D 
-0.75D ~ -5.00D (0.25 steps)
-5.50D ~ -8.00D (0.50 steps)



Enhance your natural beauty and add a touch of glamour to your look with Blincon Blossom Color Cosmetic Lenses. These lenses are designed to transform your eyes, giving them a vibrant and captivating appearance.

Key Features:

  • Unique Blossom Pattern: Features a delicate floral pattern that blends seamlessly with your iris, creating a soft and enchanting look.
  • Color Enhancement: Enhances your natural eye color for a subtle yet mesmerizing effect.
  • 3-Month Replacement: Convenient quarterly replacement schedule.
  • Comfortable: Made with high-quality materials to ensure exceptional comfort and durability.

Perfect for:

  • Enhancing your natural eye color
  • Adding a touch of elegance to your everyday look
  • Special occasions or a night out
  • Creating a soft, romantic gaze

MDA Registration Number: GC65215192017

Registered Under Act 737


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